• Andrew Black

SD Media Group Launches C-Suite SEO+

SD Media launches C-Suite SEO+

SD Media Group has launched an incredible service this past week, in partnership with C-Suite Network, to offer their network of advisors the power of SEO.

In the first week it has shown amazing success. We have had over a dozen executives sign up and we re excited to bring the power of SEO to the host of advisors that belong to the C-Suite Network. C-Suite SEO+ is powered by SD Media, and is a service that provides SEO capabilities for the advisors of C-Suite network in one fairly priced SEO package. It is helping to drive traffic to their various landing pages and podcasts allowing these advisors to gain more speaking engagements, drive sales of their books and get more subscribers to their podcasts.

C-Suite is a premiere network for executives. There they can share their podcast, television show, or even be a guest on those as well. They even have a book club. Here executives can network and work on becoming influencers in the business space.

SD Media is a forward thinking digital media company with a focus in the cannabis and regulated substance industry. We are excited to offer this amazing new service C-Suite SEO+ powered by SD Media and to see how well it is already doing.

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