Proprietary Databases 

Our email database consists of 100% opted-in, ready-to-market audiences. These audiences are updated weekly, and we work around the clock to make sure our data is fresh and free of marketing fatigue to ensure high open rates and even higher conversion rates.

We have serviced the pharmaceutical industry for 30+ years. Our data resources have also and have created an extraordinary database reflecting their specific areas of strength. What we have done, is to assemble and combine these resources in a simple and convenient compendium. All of these databases have been compiled by a variety of surveys that are opted into, or from purchases.

The database has also been enhanced with hundreds of consumer lifestyle demographics. This
additional selectivity allows for even more refined targeted capability.
Each consumer has specifically opted-in and given their permission in order to receive 3rd -party promotional emails from relevant marketers.

Not all databases are created equal.


Currently, we offer just under 4M unique consumers who have self-identified themselves as being current Marijuana Smokers


This database is perfect for marketers that have a variety of relevant products and services that are in search of reaching this emerging market of marijuana smokers via email.

The database is enhanced with hundreds of consumer lifestyle demographics. This selectivity allows for refined targeted capability.

Each consumer has specifically opted-in and given their permission in order to receive 3rd -party

promotional emails from relevant marketers.

4M+ Users


Our CBD Database is the largest integrated, multi-channel database in the

Each of these consumers have responded to an online survey and have indicated
that they have purchased CBD products in the past.

Unique selectivity is offered such as their CBD use, the form of CBD, the primary medical reason why they use CBD products and where they purchase CBD products.

his database is geared specifically for companies within the CBD market who are looking to target consumer patients who have certain medical conditions where CBD has proven to be effective.

22M+ Users


Our Medical Condition Database offers 80+ different self-reported medical ailments and conditions.

Consumers have provided information via opted-in online & mobile surveys about their own medical health. Most respondents have indicated that they suffer from 2+ medical conditions.


Respondents are
looking for immediate help in subsiding their symptoms and improving the quality of
their lives.

This database can be cross referenced with any of our CBD/Cannabis databases to hyper target consumers based on product attributions.



This unique database provides you with fully compliant email addresses of consumer that have answered online survey questions about their

e-cigarette and vape usage.

The database is updated on a daily basis based upon responses received from the
non-incentivized online survey question that is presented to the consumer.

2M+ Users

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