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Introducing spotlight

A first of its kind, Spotlight Ad Tech brings your website to the consumer.

Our patented Spotlight display ads receive up to 20x more engagement than a typical display ad. When hovered over, the ad seamlessly reveals multiple layers of content for the viewer to engage with... without ever having to click through to the website. Based on what they hover over and engage with, we capture and track that behavior for retargeting without the need of dropping a cookie on your visitor's browser. Take that California!

Engage. Educate. Convert.

Dynamic Optimization

SDMedia updates the ads universally via a single, central update - whether manually based on deliberate human decision, or dynamically based on the customer's behavior within the ad OR on the advertiser's website. This happens in real time, without having to rebuild or re-traffic the creatives. In Mobile, it works everywhere: phones & tablets, Apple & Android, Mobile Web & In-App. Try it yourself by viewing the above ads on your phone ad tapping around on the menu instead of mousing over.



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By overlaying our navigation menu onto any existing display/mobile ad creative, SDMedia increases performance by anywhere from 2x to 17x in every measure of performance: Engagement Rate, Engagement Time, Click-Through Rate, and especially Conversion Rate - meaning literally online e-commerce sales, lead-gens, registrations, in-store appointment bookings, video consumption white paper downloads, etc. These lifts have been measured in dozens of rigorous, scientific A/B tests: 50/50 alternating rotation of SDMedia's Ad vs the competitor's ad.



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SDMedia captures data that is not only highly-detailed and granular, but also more accurate (1st Party Data) than any other ad-based data capture mechanism. SDMedia tracks engagement and click-through on each of the advertiser's 50-100+products, messages and transactions, revealing your customer's true points of interest and turning the ad into an in-banner market research lab.

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EtheL M Chocolate

Ethel M, a well established chocolate company needed assistance in growing their online, direct to consumer business model. With a wide variety of products to offer, they were struggling with ad campaigns that educated the consumer on their variety of product offerings.

The Problem

The Solution

Utilizing SDMedia's Cascade Ad Tech, we were able to showcase Ethel M's extensive product offerings all within the ad. Highlighting over 100 SKUs for consumers to filter through products and engage with products they were interested in, without having to click through .


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Engagement Rate



Excluding media costs, for every $1 spent on the campaign, Ethel M. generated $70 in online sales